California Asian Art Auction California Asian Art Auction
 Sept 07, 2014  Sept 07, 2014

 Lot # 3235 

  • Dimension: H: 10 1/2 in (26.7 cm) W: 7 1/4 in (18.5 cm)
  • Estimate From: $35000
  • Estimate To: $45000

Extremely finely cast, the gilt-bronze figure is shown seated upon a double lotus throne in lalitasana position on a flat cushion made out of antelope skin, his right hand raises to his right ear, and left hand holding a sacred vase. He wears a voluminous robe draped across his left arm wrapping the belly in folds, and a sash across the right shoulder, decorated with delicate foliage scroll motifs. His face is shown with a joyful expression with mouth open, indicating that he is reciting one of his celebrated poems or songs, and flanked by two elongated earlobes with spiral-shaped earrings, the hair detailed with finely incised lines. The back of the lotus throne bears a series of Tibetan inscriptions. Ming Dynasty period.


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